Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, an island of health and wellness


Gran Canaria pampers, caresses and heals its visitors, as experienced European travellers were well aware when they started to arrive on the island around the second half of the 19th century to take medicinal baths in the spas of Azuaje and Los Berrazales located in the north of the island, while enjoying a climate that flees form all extremes.

Somehow, everything here seems to be ready to heal visitors, from feet-massaging barefoot strolls on the sand, the iodine-filled sea breeze, the chromotherapy of the natural light, which keeps constantly reinventing itself, the therapeutic sound of the murmur of the waves and the wind whistling through the branches of pine trees or enigmatic laurel forests, swimming in crystal clear waters, one of the purest varieties of the gentlest Aloe Vera and natural surroundings enveloped in an average annual temperature of 24 degrees, so beautiful and delicate that nearly half of the island’s territory has been given World Biosphere Reserve status.

History of a healthy island

The island’s historians have traced the earliest evidence of medicinal spring waters with miraculous healing properties in Gran Canaria back to 17th-century writings. The island’s first settlers used to visit the springs to drink its precious water, which was slightly carbonated and rich in minerals, thus offering many benefits to their health.

During the second half of the 19th century, Gran Canaria was well-known for being a health destination by wealthy tourists from central and northern Europe, who came to the island to bathe in its medicinal waters and benefit from their great healing power in the now extinct spas of Azuaje and Los Berrazales, located in the north of Gran Canaria, while enjoying the pleasant climate at any time of the year.

Along with these traditional spas, Gran Canaria has also been regarded as one of the best health tourism destinations thanks to the Italian visionary, Eduardo Filiputti, who created a heliotherapy centre in the 1960s right next to the Maspalomas Dunes. The purpose of this spa was to use the beneficial effects of combining sun and sand. The centre disappeared in 1990 as part of a plan created to restore the dune ecosystem.

Today, a century and several decades later, Gran Canaria is recognised as one of the most beneficial natural surroundings to treat chronic diseases, or simply to recover vital energies thanks to a perfect combination of mild temperatures, mineral-rich water, and superb golden sand beaches.

The island of the five senses

Imagine a relaxing and invigorating destination, where you can take long walks along endless beaches while you feel the soft sand massaging your feet.

An island where its fresh and clear sea purifies your skin feeding it with vitamins thanks to the rich iodine content of the water.

An island where nature fills your lungs with fresh air and relaxes your muscles and mind, and where the diversity of light and colours becomes the best chromotherapy treatment.

An island where you can dream and connect with your inner self, while you contemplate the dawn and twilight from its beaches and mountains.

An island where feeling good and young is easier.

Let yourself be enveloped by an atmosphere that embraces you at a temperature of 24ºC.

Gran Canaria is waiting for you.

An alliance with the best Aloe Vera

Gran Canaria’s Aloe Vera, considered by experts as the purest in the world, is also recognized and admired by specialists in the health and beauty sector at international level. The climate and the properties of the natural environment of the island of Gran Canaria make perfect conditions for this plant to grow.

The excellent therapeutic qualities of this plant, together with its healing and regenerative power and its soothing effects have made Aloe Vera an important ingredient of the different treatments carried out in our spa centres. An added benefit to health that does not go unnoticed by anyone.

Spa, thalassotherapy and relaxation centres

Nature has formed an alliance with Gran Canaria to offer its visitors an endless number of therapies for relaxation, health and wellbeing. Treatments with seaweed or with sea mud, salt baths, hydrotherapy, parafango, aromatherapy, massage therapy, reflexology…, are just some of the possibilities that the spa and thalassotherapy centres in Gran Canaria offer tourists who come to the island to recover their vital energy.

In Gran Canaria you will find the best offer to take care of yourself, while staying in the most modern hotels with the most innovative facilities located in key areas to complete your experience.

At the Forefront of Medicine

The extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology of the medical centres of Gran Canaria guarantee that you have access to the best treatments in cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and medical check-ups. In addition, these centres offer their visitors some of the most competitive prices in Europe.

Gran Canaria is the ideal destination for health tourism, with a wide range of treatment options. Let the best health specialists take care of you while relaxing in a unique natural environment.

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

Endless beaches seduce visitors into enjoying the sea and its healing properties. The absence of extreme temperatures, the island’s refreshing sea water and gentle winds are an invitation to have a good time, relax and enjoy nature at any time.

A pleasant climate that combines the warmest winters with the mildest summers in an exceptional natural environment that acts as a barrier against stress, and caresses the skin with a fresh breeze.

The ideal place for children and also for many elite athletes, as they can continue their training at any time of the year.

In Gran Canaria you will find the most modern and fully-equipped facilities to pamper yourself during your amazing holidays.

A true fusion

The rich and tasty cuisine of the Canary Islands is based on the natural products of the land: exotic fruits, a great variety of cheeses, fish of excellent texture, vegetables grown in high and mid-altitude areas of the island and exquisite meats. In addition, we cannot forget the wines of the island, whose excellence has been recognised in some of the most prestigious national and international competitions.

No matter where you are on the island, you will be able to try traditional dishes, such as the famous papas arrugadas con mojo picón (small baked salted potatoes with spicy mojo sauce), or you can also opt for a healthier and more balanced meal such as rich traditional stews made with vegetables, watercress or wild radishes.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria encourages you to spread the wings of your imagination and discover an amazing island full of magic that will inspire you to dream of the future.

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